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    --this is a hate free zone--

    not clever enough for twitter

    i just want pretty underwear, concert tickets, and equality, but apparently that's too much to ask for


    if you like fall out boy, chances are, i like you


    have an olly-olly-oxen-free day!~




    -please read me-

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    1. tall-girl-in-a-small-world said: Thanks for tagging ^__^ Looks so interesting and fun c//: gah your face <333
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    tagged by the beautiful, lukesextme

Age: 17&#160;
Gender: female 
Self photo: up there 
Food: cupcakes 
Drink: milk tea 
Book: the snow child 
Movie: fight club, the hunchback of notre dame, ocean&#8217;s eleven 
Tv Show: bob&#8217;s burgers, border security 
Bands: fall out boy, oasis, pink floyd, 5 seconds of summer 
Place: forests 
School Subject: english, spanish 
Dream Job: journalist, sex ed teacher, photographer
Fears: creepy crawlies, loneliness, living turkeys 
Religion: agnostic 
Tattoos: hopefully soon 
Piercings: ears 3 times
Languages: english, cantonese, slight mandarin, slight spanish 
Reason Behind URL: death note quote
Why You Joined: went through a bad breakup and needed a distraction
First URL: it&#8217;s still the same??? 
# of blogs: 2
i tag; liveforllamasandlions// huangsterthegangster// dragonslaeyr// tall-girl-in-a-small-world// fiveeverphan// arctoids// imagines-5s0s